Simple and powerful hub for managing all your maintenance and inventory activities

User Friendly
Opus is designed in very close cooperation with the users, so the result is a product that is simple, clean and intutive, this reduces the risk of user errors as well as the time needed for training.
One integrated system
With Opus you will have one integrated system that has all features needed to control and manage your maintenance requirements. You can access and manage multiple locations with Opus. There is no need to run parallel systems or rely on Excel spreadsheets.
Integrates into other systems
With an open architecture, and a development team with an open mind, Opus can interact with your other systems such as your accounting or intranet. We have a passion for creating tools that make the job easier for our users, and are always ready to help with integration tasks.
Opus provides management with the necessary real-time information about maintenance status and allows management to make informed decisions. Opus is flexible and allows the user to generate specially customised and tailored reports. Automated and scheduled report generation and delivery.
Return on Investment
The Opus reduces time waste, inventory, duplication and dramatically improves the structure and management of information and organisational processes. Its intuitive structure and interfaces ensure that it becomes the hub for information and processes. As one of the most cost-effective systems on the market today it offers unrivalled value for money.

Opus main features:

  • Schedule

    Schedule repetitive tasks based on counters or flexible calendar schedules
  • Issue

    Issue and document unscheduled tasks performed on components.
  • Counters

    Track component counters.
  • Workflow

    Get a full workflow for reporting and track fixing of faults in production.
  • Organize

    Organize components in “Windows Explorer like” tree structure.
  • Register

    Register full information about components/machines.
  • Attach

    Attach documents to components or tasks.
  • View

    View activation/deactivation logs for components.
  • Spare parts

    Handle purchasing of spare-parts.
  • Ordering

    Have flexible ordering of non-stock items.
  • Track parts

    Track parts receiving and backordered items.
  • Scan

    Scan received invoices and send for electronic acknowledgement.
  • Barcodes

    Tag all parts with barcodes.
  • Control stock

    Control stock balance with wireless barcode reader.
  • Linking

    Link parts on stock to machines with spare part lists.
  • Reordering

    Use clever re-ordering based on suppliers and minimum stock levels.
  • Reports

    Generate customised reports.
  • Delegate tasks

    Delegate tasks to departments and/or specific staff.