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May 10, 2023

Lundin Software signs Electronic Logbook cooperation with Safran Helicopter Engines at Paris Air Show

LUNDIN Software has further cemented GANNET as a world-leading Maintenance Information System designer and provider, with the unveiling of a new partnership with Safran Helicopter Engines.

The companies worked together to create Logbook Connect, which reduces the administrative tasks for customers when they receive a replacement engine, module, or accessory. The new digital service enables a faster return-to-flight for helicopters.

The new partnership and product were formally unveiled at this week’s Paris Air Show – the arrangement adds to similar co-operation with Airbus Helicopters.

Logbook Connect enables customers to directly import airworthiness data into their maintenance management software, eliminating all manual data entry during the initialisation process. Using Logbook Connect enables the teams in charge of airworthiness tracking and maintenance to focus on their core tasks.

Jørleif Bech, founder of Lundin Software, said:

“We’re delighted to have been able to work closely with Safran Helicopter Engines to develop Logbook Connect, which is already proving a real game-changer in the field.”

The launch of Logbook Connect once again demonstrates Safran Helicopter Engines’ commitment to provide services that closely meet customers’ needs and operational constraints. The development of this new service was done in close collaboration with leading maintenance management software provider, Lundin Software, with its Gannet solution. The service has been deployed to the first helicopter operators, including Airlift, Avincis Sweden and Norsk Luftambulanse.

Eirik Nedregaard, Head of Engineering at Norsk Luftambulanse, said:“Logbook Connect allows us to implement all the engine-related data into our maintenance management tool in just ten minutes, compared with a full day previously. Logbook Connect allows me to focus on my core task, which is airworthiness control and tracking.”

Lundin’s Gannet is a highly innovative and increasingly popular aviation maintenance management software system. Last year, Lundin launched its Gannet 3 – a faster, smarter and highly competitive new version of the original Gannet.

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